I’m sometimes jealous of the  light That reflects off your inner wing Miles high above me and all my petty I wear my groundedness as a badge of honor Knowing deep inside it takes it’s toll Gravel and concrete make up my temple Giving alms to my past transgressions I lay lifeless You go as […]

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Default Settings

Bad habits are comfortable. There is something about them that feel like home. We feel safe with them. We have repeated these acts so many times and are sure of their outcomes. They offer gratification in the moment, but in the long run we feel stagnant and unfulfilled. On the other hand, creating new positive habits […]

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So this is it. I’ve come to the end of this year long journey. I had to work today so I didn’t get a chance to really reflect. Now that I’m home and I’m settled, all these thoughts and emotions are rushing out. I will try my best to channel them into cohesive thoughts. The […]

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You Can’t Have It

We used to be despised You wouldn’t fuck with us Not only left us to die You threw stuff on us Genocide was the word But like a Phoenix A culture emerged With dance Spoken word With a style And what occured Was that the world hung on every single word What started as ghetto […]

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96 Hours(Part 2)

Part 1 here The man got up from the seat and motioned for James to follow him over to one of the tables near the corner of the bar. James hesitated at first still feeling uneasy about this strange man, but his curiosity outweighed his fear, and James grabbed his beer and followed the man […]

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96 Hours(part 1)

Walking out into a night thick with fog, James reaches in to his breast pocket and pulls out a cigarette. He then reached into to his pants pocket and pulls out a lighter, before stricking it, he r… Source: 96 Hours(part 1)

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One year ago today, I wrote my first entry, but not officially my first post. Check here. Regardless of any confusion this distinction can cause, I feel happy to sit here one year later! Saturday will be the offical last day of the blog in its current form. But today is an anniversary of sorts, […]

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